READ THIS – Yamaha 275L Seascooter Review

Yamaha 275L Seascooter Review

My Opinion: After I bought this, I tried it in SoCal for spear fishing and lobstering at 56-degree F at night. It did work as promised. It saves air, prolong flight range, fight currents while still having fun with the new Yamaha 275L underwater sea scooter! CHECK PRICE HERE The Yamaha 275L DPV boasts of … Read More

Yamaha RDS200 SeaScooter Review – PROS, CONS, PRICE

Yamaha RDS200 SeaScooter

My Opinion: This is no toy at all! My friends and I bought 5 to use it for snorkeling and the unites are rated to 65ft. We used it in the waters all afternoon non-stop for 45 minutes in stiff ocean currents in Ft Lauderdale and the units still had power at the end of … Read More

HONEST Yamaha RDS250 SeaScooter Review [with Camera Mount]

Yamaha RDS250 SeaScooter Review

My Opinion: This DPV is awesome. It takes only a couple of steps to remove the battery, but it is well worth it. You can get up to 2 hours continual use from it. It is heavy out of pool and completely effortless in the pool. It is quick in water and floats well. You … Read More

Yamaha RDS280 Seascooter Review – SNORKELING & SCUBA DIVING EASY!

Yamaha RDS280 Seascooter Review

My Opinion: The Yamaha RDS280 Seascooter is an excellent DPV. A bit cumbersome in battery charging operations, otherwise, it is quite fast enough and has a good battery life. The instruction manual isn’t the most helpful as regards storage, charging and battery usage (so they can absolutely do better in that area). However, aside that, … Read More

Yamaha SeaScooter RDS300 Review – WORTH THE MONEY?

yamaha seascooter rds300 review

My Opinion: I own one similar powered, level SeaDoo for 8 years. Simple, easy to recharge and quite reliable. Sadly, I mistakenly knocked it overboard and lost it at sea. So, I purchased this Yamaha to replace it and it works well. It even has a longer battery life than my lost SeaDOO, but on/off … Read More

What is the Best Sea Scooter for Spearfishing? [SECRET!]

Best Sea Scooter for Spearfishing

Today, we shall be looking at some of the best sea scooter for spearfishing under $2,000. You ready? Best Sea Scooter for Spearfishing Let’s get right to it! TUSA SAV-7 Underwater Scooter This is our #1 when it comes to underwater spearfishing DPV to buy. This scooter can spearfish and shoot videos as well, whilst … Read More

REAL & HONEST Yamaha Seascooter 500Li Reviews

Yamaha Seascooter 500Li Review

The flagship Yamaha Seascooter 500Li underwater scooter boasts of some of the best speed and power in the world. It is designed for both recreational and professional divers. This simple yet powerful seascooter with 500 watts of power glides through water body at speeds of up to 4.35mph (7km/h). Divers can spend more bottom time … Read More

What is the Best Sea Scooter for Snorkeling Tour? FIND OUT

Best Sea Scooter for Snorkeling

Sea scooter for snorkeling or diving will take your underwater adventures to the highest level! These propulsion vehicles let you move faster on the surface as well as underwater. They’re fun tech accessories and toys on holidays. Best Sea Scooter for Snorkeling Tour To discover which is the best sea bike for you, consider what … Read More

Yamaha 350Li SeaScooter Review – SPEED, RANGE & MORE!

Yamaha 350Li SeaScooter Review

The Yamaha 350Li seascooter review focuses on all that you need to know about this underwater machine. Yamaha 350Li SeaScooter Review The Yamaha 350Li is a complete featured Seascooter that allows you move in water at top speed up to 6km/h (3.7mph). CHECK PRICE HERE Once underwater with it, you can easily shift between 3 … Read More

Best Sea Scooter for Pools 2021 – For KIDS & ADULTS

Best Sea Scooter for Pools

Underwater scooters, also known as Diver Propulsion Vehicles, or DPVs, are an awesome piece of technology that helps you move forward in water. Divers hold onto the handles from behind and let themselves to be pulled through the water at speeds of up to 9 MPH. This puts an end to long, tiring swims and … Read More