What is the Best Sea Scooter for Spearfishing? [SECRET!]

Today, we shall be looking at some of the best sea scooter for spearfishing under $2,000.

You ready?

Best Sea Scooter for Spearfishing

Let’s get right to it!

  • TUSA SAV-7 Underwater Scooter

This is our #1 when it comes to underwater spearfishing DPV to buy. This scooter can spearfish and shoot videos as well, whilst still supporting total hands free operation.


Majority of competing scooters will run with the scooter in front of you, towing you (or you have to hold on to them), and you steer with your hands. However, this one is different – it sits between your legs.

At first, I thought it was weird but as I got in the water with it, it felt completely natural. I use it for shore/beach dives in South Florida and I’ve taken it out to 40ft depth.

Each full charge can last you one full dive. I got a custom made NiMH battery for it for a few hundred dollars (do some searching, you’ll find it) and now the battery lasts for two dives or one nice long-shore dive!!!

Best Sea Scooter for Spearfishing

  • Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U/W Diver Propulsion Vehicle DPV Scooter

This Underwater propulsion vehicle is made for serious underwater explorers. It can attain depth rated to 230’/70m (tested to 300′) and can run up to 100 minutes.


With its 3 speed feature, you can control speed and can reach up to 2.6mph. The new variable speed trigger lets you enjoy smooth acceleration from full stop to top speed.

Armed with progressive acceleration system, the newly design rotational speed adjustment function lets you make precise changes to your speed while in motion.

This results in speed adjustment which in turn supports simple synchronization of speed between divers in  a range of geographical areas and diverse current conditions.

This boasts of an L.E.D Battery Indicator too. Once the main power switch is turned on, the battery life indicator lights up provides the dover with a guide to remaining battery life.

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  • JetPilot Sea Doo Explorer X Sea-Doo Sea Scooter

This is the third option in our range of sea scooter for spearfishing. The sound of this DPV isn’t an issue and it never spooks fishes.


I bought the hands-free type for a $1,000 (highly recommended) but the non-hands free costs 650$.

This product gives you a great alternative to renting a boat to reach new dive locations for spear fishing. For maintenance, I have to lube the orings each-time I go out (at least 3 times a week) and a single battery lasts me for more than an hour.

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