Yamaha RDS200 SeaScooter Review – PROS, CONS, PRICE

My Opinion: This is no toy at all! My friends and I bought 5 to use it for snorkeling and the unites are rated to 65ft. We used it in the waters all afternoon non-stop for 45 minutes in stiff ocean currents in Ft Lauderdale and the units still had power at the end of our expenditure.


There are built with simplicity and are rugged. I highly recommend you get one of the RDS200 series for snorkeling and diving in shallow reefs.

However, take caution that you always swim into a current to kickstart a session and be careful not to run out of power and be too far away from the boat and shore.

Your strength and weight of the current should always be taken into consideration.

Yamaha RDS200 SeaScooter Review

The Yamaha RDS200 Seascooter is the ideal vehicle for cruising through bodies of water.

As earlier mentioned, it is rated to a depth of 65ft (20m) and has a cruising speed of 2.0mph (3.2km/h) the RDS200 is designed for both snorkeling enthusiasts and recreational divers.


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Yamaha RDS200 SeaScooter


  • Run up to 1 hour with normal use.
  • Removable buoyancy control chamber (The RDS200 is designed for use in salt water. It will have less buoyancy in fresh water, and may slowly sink in fresh bodies of water).
  • Powered by a Sealed Lead Acid Battery (Occasional battery maintenance required).
  • Product size: 24” x 15.2” x 12.3” / 612 x 385 x 312 (mm).
  • Weight just 13 lbs / 6 kg including battery.
  • Rated to 65 ft / 20 m.
  • Speed up to 2 mph / 3.2 km/h.


I and my group of friends had lots of fun with this so far. Each pair of battery lasts us a reasonable amount of time. We got extras for times when we have multi riders.

The price point is fair too, obviously depends on the size of the rider – but no one, big or small have been disappointed!

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